A setting beyond compare

The birthplace of the orange in Europe

The unequalled flavour of Valencian citrus fruits comes from fields of exceptional richness and historical value. The Valencian Community is undoubtedly the best area for harvesting this fruit. Since the end of the 18th century, the first orange tree plantations found ideal soil and idyllic weather conditions.

Una vista elevada de campos de naranjos con el mar al fondo
Mapa del mediterráneo con la Comunitat Valenciana resaltada en color naranja.

The Valencian Mediterranean

Bathed in sunshine, orange trees blossom between the hills and the sea. Grown in an exceptional location, Valencian oranges and clementines benefit from an ideal climate and artisan care at every stage of production.

Once the fruit has reached optimum ripeness, it is carefully picked by hand, one by one, by expert pickers.

Naranjas maduras en el árbol mientras, al fondo, se vislubra un campo de naranjos bañado por el sol.

Respect for the land

Un agricultor cosechando naranjas de un arbol

Caring for nature is the norm

It is nature that creates all the power and gustatory intensity of a fruit. Our oranges and clementines derive their unique character from the richness of the soil and a favourable climate.

We are aware of the importance of the environment in obtaining a product of the highest quality and we act firmly to preserve it and leave a good legacy for our future generations.

Las manos de un agricultor colocando naranjas en una caja

More than responsible agriculture

Our farmers follow the strictest guidelines and protocols set by the European Union. We comply with the regulations that certify the origin, treatment and traceability of the fruit in order to offer all the guarantees available to the consumer.

We are proud of our know-how. Several centuries of experience in the sector guarantee a flawless production process that offers an optimum result: oranges and clementines with a flavour beyond compare.

Buying with a conscience

Proximity purchasing

Buying European products offers you many advantages. On the one hand, you contribute to strengthening competitiveness and maintaining jobs in a key sector such as agriculture. At the same time, this avoids the depopulation of the rural areas where they are produced.

On the other hand, by buying local products you will be making a commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable world, as you will save on fuel and minimise CO2 emissions.

Trabajadores de la naranja clasificando piezas de fruta en una nave.

European food

Foodstuffs under the umbrella of European regulations have all the guarantees of an impeccable production process.

If you are looking for the best quality, look for Valencian oranges and clementines. This way you know for sure that they have been sustainably produced and harvested at their optimum ripeness, offering an unbeatable flavour.

Bandera europea ondeando.

A healthy lifestyle

Take care of your defences

Now more than ever, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Thanks to their high vitamin C content, oranges help to strengthen the immune system. Moreover, due to their low glycaemic index, they are one of the fruits recommended for the prevention of diabetes.

They also contain antioxidants that maintain healthy skin and reduce the signs of ageing. They are rich in calcium, which protects bones and teeth, and their consumption helps to reduce fat absorption and to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Still thinking about it?

Una madre tumbada juega a elevar a su hija pequeña con sus rodillas en un salón.
Copioso desayuno sobre una mesa de madera con una bandeja con rodajas de naranja en primer plano siendo degustada por una persona.

Your decision matters

It's up to you

Next time you buy oranges or clementines, remember to check where they come from. Always look for Valencian oranges and clementines originating from Spain, so you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality, fresh and tasty product.

Small gestures such as shopping with a conscience are what help to change the world, slow climate change and improve our society as a whole. It is up to you.

Una mano femenina cogiendo una naranja en el supermercado.

Ask for Valencian oranges and clementines in your local shop or supermarket.

You will notice the difference!

Thank you!
¡Muchas gracias!
Varias naranjas, algunas partidas, dispuestas de forma elegante.
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